Thank you for your interest in the UK Athletics Hospitality Team! We’re sure you have tons of questions about the program, and we hope to answer most of those below. Let’s get started…

“Who are you?”

We are UK Athletics Hospitality, an extension of the K Fund, located in Kroger Field. We are managed by the Colonnade Group, a sports production/event management company based in Birmingham, AL. Colonnade has been contracted to manage the suite, loge and club level programs here at UK. Colonnade also manages programs at Alabama, Duke, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Jacksonville State, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, SMU, Tennessee, UNC, and West Virginia. Feel free to look us up at

“How many people are you hiring?”

Our office is hiring approximately 40 team members to make our game day operation run smoothly.

“When would I work?”

Each team member is required to work ALL Kentucky home football games. There are 7 home games during the 2017 UK Football season. Opportunities for additional hours may be available and communicated throughout the season.

“How many hours would I work on game day?”

Depending on the length of the game and your job responsibilities, you could work anywhere from 7 to 10 hours. All positions require team members to arrive prior to gates opening, and remain until our areas close following the post-game period.

“How much would I be paid?”

The pay rate is $13 per hour.

“Would I get to watch the game?”

Team member responsibilities require a high level of service and attentiveness; therefore, watching the game should not be expected. A dedicated and focused staff is essential to the success of the suite, loge and club level programs. Furthermore, the guests notice and appreciate the dedicated students who are working to create a great game experience for them.

“Would I get a break during the day?"

Of course! Each team member gets about a 30-minute break. During this time, you can grab a drink and a bite to eat, relax, and even visit a designated area to catch a bit of the game.

“So…what is the job?”

As with any team, there are several positions to be filled. Team members will assist in all operations of premium areas at Kroger Field on home football game days. These areas include suites, clubs and loge seating. Specific duties vary, but include greeting guests, wristbanding attendees, managing elevators, tending to suite patrons and protecting premium exclusivity. Most team members will rotate responsibilities each game day.

“Do I get to pick what position I’d like to fill?”

Your job preference may be asked during your interview; however, this does not guarantee you will be assigned that position. In order to put each person in a position that highlights his/her strengths, the directors will decide final placement.

“I’m interested! What do I do now?”

Please email your resume to [email protected]